Founded in 1993 Treadwell & Company Design provides a turnkey product development service, concept to first article inspection, which can be customized to complement our client in-house expertise. Our goal is to reduce risk for our clients through proposals which are gated and fixed fee, defining a delivery date and targeted production cost against product specifications. Our knowledge of manufacturing, experience in development processes is delivered through superior service. Beyond design Treadwell & Company can provide guidance on the impact product decisions can have on your business. Connect with us to discover how Treadwell can assist in delivering your next product to market.


Beyond design: our added value

Strategy is the key to innovation and innovation is about the big picture, building in revenue streams and creating IP to protect assets. Navigating regulations, standards and legal are critical to successful outcomes. Understanding the products target market; customer base, age, behavior are crucial ingredients in the pursuit of the highest return on investment. Treadwell is responsive to the culture and needs of entrepreneurs, inventors, scientists, engineers, finance and business stakeholders to deliver on their business goals and achieve their vision.